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Neighborland Gives a Shout Out to Walk Raleigh (and launches in NC!)

Our friend Dan Parham of Neighborland recently gave a talk at Tedx SoMa called "Making the City," and we were excited that Walk Raleigh got a shout out! We're also really excited that Neighborland has now launched in North Carolina! Never heard of Neighborland? Wondering why we're so excited? Read on...

Neigborland is an online tool where citizens share ideas, gather support, and make things happen by filling in the statement: "I want [blank] in my neighborhood." Ideas run the gamut from more bike lanes to public fruit trees. If you like the idea, you simply click "Me too," and "I want" becomes "we want." Through this network, citizens can engage with their community and find ways to make their ideas a reality -- civic empowerment (what we're all about)! To read more about their story & how they got started, check out the Walk [Your City] blog here. 

In his discussion, Dan talks about a successful Neighborland project seeking to install better signage for bikers around New Orleans. He says a key moment in getting this idea off the ground was when someone posted on the discussion board "What if we did something like Walk Raleigh?"

With a bit of inspiration from Walk Raleigh and collaboration afforded by the Neighborland platform, these NOLA citizens took to "hacking the streets." The Broad to Bayou bike signage, much like Walk Raleigh, was unsanctioned -- Dan calls it "illegal in a good way," providing much needed info to bikers like warning signs, directions, and distances.

We're pretty excited that Walk Raleigh was a source of inspiration for these folks and that a tool like Neighborland exists to empower citizens and help them influence their communities. You can check out Dan's Ted Talk here. And you can share ideas for your community here!

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