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Civic-minded projects fueled by civic-minded products

Walk [Your City] 

Walk Raleigh received such a positive response both locally and abroad that we knew we had to make the project accessible beyond our hometown. We created Walk [Your City], an online pedestrian empowerment tool for any citizen to become an engaged stakeholder in their community and launched it on Kickstarter. The crowd's overwhelming response gave us the confidence to move forward. Once complete, our W[YC] platform will allow anyone to create his or her own guerrilla wayfinding signs, export, print, and install around town. The ultimate goal is to shift perceptions about walkability for the good, establishing healthier and safer communities for all of us. In September 2012, W[YC] was named as one of the seven platforms that will shape our future city.  

Walk Raleigh

Walk Raleigh is our initial step in linking the purchase of products to the funding and promotion of real life, small-scale civic and social interventions. Walk Raleigh is a very basic, guerrilla (self-installed) wayfinding system of 27 signs placed at 3 different intersections in downtown Raleigh. These signs are intended to put walkability on the forefront of conversation about the future of downtown Raleigh. The project has already garnered a tremendous amount of press locallynationally and internationally, spurred by a feature in The Atlantic CitiesThe BBC even came to town to feature the project - earning top viewership in the US the day it aired. Recently, Walk Raleigh was one of 124 projects selected to represent the United States as part of  “Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good” at the 13th Annual Venice Architecture Biennale. Spontaneous Interventions  highlighted compelling, actionable strategies geared towards making cities more sustainable and accessible.

Find out more via our submission to the Venice Biennale in this PDF.

North Is That Way

Our second consecutive guerilla wayfinding project executed while visiting NYC. We used non-permanent industrial sidewalk stickers to help direct locals and visitors alike, displaying the cardinal direction of North upon existing the subway.

Find out more via our submission to the Venice Biennale in this PDF.

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